Revenue Streams

Gladian can earn revenue from selling of NFT Gladiators/Items through marketplace, tournament joining fees, PvP Battle bet fees.
Why revenue streams are important?
Revenue systems are important for Play-to-Earn games because they provide a way for the Gladian to generate income from the game. In Gladian, players can buy and sell in-game items through the game by paying a fee, which can then be used to purchase additional items. This creates a sustainable revenue stream for the Gladian team, allowing them to continue updating and improving the game. Additionally, revenue systems can also be used to incentivize players to continue playing and engaging with the game which can lead to increased rewards and player engagement. Overall, revenue systems are essential for the economic sustainability of Gladian and for providing a positive experience for players.


  • Python
  • C#
  • React&JS
  • Binance Smart Chain