Training: Real gladiators should never be idle! Gladiators can train on three basic gladiator attributes: Strength, Agility, Intelligence. Players can stake their coins to reduce training time.
Quests: Townspeople are very willing to give quests. Dozens of Quests in three different difficulty levels available for gladiators. Rewards await you as a result of successfully completed quests.
Blacksmith: A sword and shield are essential for a gladiator. Players can use the components they get from quests to repair their items such as swords and shields.
Marketplace: There are very wealthy merchants in the Gladian world. Players can buy/sell everything on marketplace. Including the items they craft, items/components they get from missions, and even their own gladiator that they upgrade.
Staking: Players have the opportunity to stake their GLD tokens in order to gain various benefits. Main benefits of staking GLD tokens is the ability to reduce quest time and training time.
PvP Battles: Test your power! Gladian people love to watch PVP matches. Gladiators can duel each other and bet for earning extra GLD Tokens.
Tournaments: The real home of gladiators! There will be tournaments in certain categories. Gladiators who participate and win will be rewarded with GLD.