Players can participate in various quests to earn rewards and advance in the game. These quests are given by the townspeople of Gladian and are divided into three different categories: Forest, Farm, and Cavern. Each category offers a variety of challenges and difficulty levels, including Easy, Medium, and Hard.

As players progress through the quests, they will face increasingly difficult creatures and bosses, and will have the opportunity to earn valuable rewards such as GLD tokens and items.

However, players should be aware that there is a risk when taking on these quests. If the gladiator is defeated by the creature in the quest, there is a 5% chance that they will lose the items they are equipped with. This adds an element of risk and strategy to the game, as players must carefully consider the abilities of their gladiators before embarking on a quest.

Quest system in Gladian Ecosystem provides players with a fun and engaging way to earn rewards and progress in the game. With a variety of challenges and difficulty levels, players can choose to take on quests that suit their power and playstyle.

Rewards and Categories

Quests categories determine which rewards (FOOD, IRON, GLDs) can be obtained more or less.

Calculation of Winning Chance

WinningChance=DefaultWinningChance+Power/xWinning Chance= Default Winning Chance+ Power/x

Chance of winning a quest is determined by a specific formula. The formula takes into account the default winning chance, as well as the power of the player's gladiator.

The formula used to calculate the chance of winning a quest is: Winning Chance = Default Winning Chance (DWC) + Power/x.

There are different default winning chances for Easy, Medium and Hard. It is higher for easy and less for hard. This means that the default winning chance is a starting point, and the power of the player's gladiator is then added to it. By increasing the power of the gladiator through training, items and equipment, the player can increase their chance of winning a quest.

It is important to note that the chance of winning a quest also varies by the difficulty level of the quest, the location and the type of the quest. Therefore, players are encouraged to choose their quests carefully, and to make sure their gladiator is well-equipped and trained before embarking on a quest.

Quest Durations & Resource Consumption

📜 Easy Quest📜 Medium Quest📜 Hard Quest

Duration: 60 minutes

Duration: 180 minutes

Duration: 360 minutes

Stamina Used: 10

Stamina Used: 30

Stamina Used: 60

Durability Used: 5

Durability Used: 25

Durability Used: 55

DWC = 70%

DWC = 50%

DWC = 30%

These values may vary during the beta period.

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