🛒In-Game Trading

Buying Assets

To acquire an asset within Gladian:

  1. Navigating the Marketplace: Click on the "Marketplace" section. Browse through the available gladiators and select the one that catches your eye.

  2. Initiating Purchase: Under your chosen asset's box, click on the "BUY NOW" button to open the purchasing interface.

  3. Completing the Purchase: Once in the purchase screen, confirm your choice by clicking the "BUY" button.

Note on Gladiator&Item Allocation:

  • For First-time Buyers: If this is your first gladiator purchase, the gladiator will be automatically equipped.

  • For Repeat Gladiator Buyers: If you already own a gladiator, the newly purchased one will be placed under the "CLAIMABLE" tab in the Marketplace. You have 14 days to claim this gladiator; otherwise, it will disappear. Remember, you can equip only one gladiator at a time. Ensure to claim and manage your gladiators wisely!

  • For Repeat Item Buyers: Players will initially have a total of two slots each for shields and weapons. To unlock an additional slot, players will need to buy slot with GLD. If both the weapon and shield slots are already occupied and a new item is purchased, that item will be sent to the 'CLAIMABLE' section. Players must claim this item from this section within 14 days to avoid missing out.


To sell a in-game asset within Gladian:

  1. Accessing Your Inventory: Navigate to the "Inventory" section of the game.

  2. Selecting the Gladiator: Click on the item you wish to sell to bring up its detailed view.

  3. Initiating the Sale: In the detailed view, click on the "SELL" button. Then, enter the desired GLD amount for which you'd like to sell the item.

  4. Cancelling a Sale: If you change your mind and decide not to sell your gladiator, you can cancel the sale by revisiting the same detailed view and clicking on the "CANCEL TRADE" option.

Note: Always ensure to set a fair GLD price for your item based on its attributes and the current market demand. Active monitoring of the marketplace can provide insights into competitive pricing.

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